Fall Fashion in Boston

Compared to the rest of the United States, New England is one of the most famous for its fall. Its vibrant tree colors, chilly air, and history, make it very attractive backdrop in a movie, TV show or even Ron Pope’s song “A Drop in the Ocean.” Massachusetts also tends to be slightly cooler than my home state of Pennsylvania. On September 28, the weather in Boston reached about fifty-five degrees Fahrenheit; in my hometown, sixty-eight. This means a person has to dress accordingly. Here are some of my suggestions for weather appropriate outfits, as well as where to find these pieces at an affordable price. 

Sweaters are a staple for fall in Boston. Whether your sweater is knit, cashmere, acrylic, or rayon, a sweater will keep you warm when the weather starts to cool down. You’ll of course need more than one sweater though, the cooler weather will be here to stay for the next few months. If you like, you can vary the colors and styles of the sweaters; a basic black or gray sweater is always a great starting point, but you can also get a maroon or dark green one as well--those are perfect colors for fall. If none of these colors suit you or your style, then find one that does. If you find and love a hot pink sweater, then that’s cool too! You do you, whatever that may mean--you will feel the happiest in clothing you like. My favorite sweaters happen to be from H&M, Forever 21 and Nordstrom.

A pair of jeans is also an essential to anyone’s fall wardrobe. Personally, I like Lucky Brand Jeans, which can be expensive, but are well made and last a long time. They come in all different styles and cuts, so if you find that one type of jean is not for you, then there is probably another that might work. If Lucky Brand just isn’t your thing, jeans can be found just about anywhere. If you’re a department store kind of girl, jeans are abundant at Macy’s and Nordstrom Rack. American Eagle is also a very well known option for some denim.

Speaking of jeans and American Eagle, not all days in fall are cold, and these American Eagle shorts are perfect for when it’s warm. But instead of the summer staple of simply wearing shorts, I wear tights underneath them. Remember how Alex from Wizards of Waverly Place proposed wearing summer clothes in the fall? This is a subtle adjustment that allows you to do just that--and it is also versatile and unique. It allows you to wear your shorts all day with slight protection from any breeze that may sneak up on you.

Any time of year, there is always an occasion to dress up. Maybe your older sibling is getting married this fall, or a friend still in high school invited you to homecoming. If the event is fun and lively, I suggest getting a red, dark purple, or dark blue dress--striking colors that still tie in with the season. If you’re feeling especially daring, then you may want to choose gold. 

Of course, shoes are essential to fashion as well. For a more everyday-type shoe, I swear by Steve Madden Troopa boots. They are sleek, slim and modern; they come in several different colors and sizes. I have a brown and maroon pair myself. These are comfortable shoes, and they are very accommodating to the city lifestyle (walking a lot and taking the T). For a more formal occasion, I suggest wearing ballet flats, as high heels can be very tiring, especially as the weather becomes chilly at night. My favorite flats are made by Tory Burch, who makes shoes that work for people with different shape and size of feet. If these are not the shoes for you, I suggest Vince Camuto flats, which can be found at Bloomingdales or Nordstrom Rack.

As for where to shop, I recommend either Downtown Crossing or Newbury Street. The former is very close to Emerson and gives off a busy urban vibe. There are several stores such as Forever 21 and Gap, Forever 21 being my favorite. As for Newbury, there are some very pricey designer stores, but there are also more reasonable options like H&M. There are plenty of stores for shoes, clothes and accessories that can keep even the most avid shopper busy. You can also stop by Starbucks and satisfy your Pumpkin Spice Latte craving, yet another way to welcome the season.