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Euphoria Season Two Theories You Didn’t Know You Needed to Hear

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 These are five of the craziest Euphoria Season Two theories that everybody is talking about.

If you’re anything like me, you have spent the past two, nearly three years anxiously awaiting the release of season two of Euphoria. The first episode premiered on January 9, 2022 where 2.4 million viewers, including myself, tuned in to see Zendaya light up our screen amongst a sea of drugs, sex, and unrealistically good-looking characters. The premiere took the internet by storm in true Euphoria fashion.  TikTok, Twitter, Reddit, and Instagram have been filled with Euphoria news, fashion, makeup, and most interestingly of all, theories regarding the show’s deeper meaning, with fans uncovering hidden plots. In light of the new episode coming up Sunday I’ve compiled some of the most interesting Euphoria theories that I’ve seen floating around the internet since the last two episodes premiered.

Lexi is going to start working with Fez.

Lexi, Lexi, Lexi. A fan favorite and a personal favorite of mine, Lexi is constantly being overshadowed by Cassie and undervalued by Rue and her classmates. Until the night of New Year’s Eve, when she and Fez share one of the sweetest moments on Euphoria so far: spending the night chatting until Fez asks for her number. When asked what character she would play this season other than Maddie, actress Alexa Demie told interviewers she would play Lexi, because she is “on top” this season. This detail, the repeated mention of female drug dealers this season, and the burgeoning connection between Lexi and Fez has fans speculating that the two are going to become a thing, romantically and possibly business wise. 

Rue is going to try heroin.

The promos for this season have featured poor Rue in a number of different and dangerous looking situations. We have already seen her being dragged into drug dealer Laurie’s house, and the trailer shows her going there again, hopping out of the car as a truck pulls up and then cutting to her sister’s screams. Zendaya has said in interviews that this season was really hard for Rue, to the point where it was hard for the actress to play her, and that towards the middle of the season we are going to see her hit new lows. Heroin has been introduced this season through new characters, and fans speculate this drug could usher in a new low for Rue. This is bad news for Rue and Jules’ relationship , and fans suspect that new character Elliot will have something to do with the downfall. 

Nate has a missing brother, and it’s Ashtray.

In season 1 of Euphoria, the Jacobs family photo reveals that Nate has another brother that we haven’t seen or heard about whatsoever; he has only been shown in old photos. Fans are speculating what this could mean- did Nate, or Cal, for that matter, do something to him? With the discovery of Ashtray’s mysterious birth parents, many have come to the conclusion that Ashtray is Nate’s missing brother, which would add another layer to Nate and Fez’s tense relationship. 

Cassie is going to get pregnant, and Nate’s dream meaning.

Some fans are speculating that Cassie is going to get pregnant with Nate’s baby. Nate and Cassie’s affair has been a major theme of the second season so far, and following Nate’s bizarre, injury related dream featuring a pregnant Cassie it seems like a possibility. Nate’s dream has a variety of different possible meanings, from the flashes of Jules to Cal’s strange presence in the dream, but Cassie’s pregnancy is definitely a possibility. She did have an abortion last season, so it would be a very intense process that would show how far Cassie is willing to go for love. 

Kat is going to leave the show.

After many fans noted that Kat wasn’t in the season premiere as much as the other characters, speculation began that actress Barbie Ferreria was unhappy with director Levinson’s direction for her character. News came out that Ferreira was so uncomfortable with some of her character’s actions that she left the set of the show and Levinson cut many of her lines from this season. Kat is a personal favorite of mine, so hopefully this conflict can be resolved before fans lose our beloved internet queen. 

Whether you choose to believe in these theories or not, Euphoria is an incredibly dazzling and alarming show that shows the nitty gritty of teenage life. Tune in on Sunday at 9 p.m. eastern time on HBO Max to watch. 

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