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Em Celeb: Victoria Brancazio

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Emerson chapter.

Victoria is a sophomore at Emerson College, and this year she created and was the head of production for Create48. Create48 is a 48-hour film festival for Emerson undergraduate and graduate students on a Friday in October. Participants were split into groups of actors, writers, directors and stage managers. Writers were all given the same prompt and had one night to write a ten-minute film that was then directed and performed on Sunday. 


Name: Victoria Brancazio

Age: 19  

Hometown: Chapel Hill, North Carolina  

Major: Theatre Education with a focus in Acting  

Graduation: 2018

Sign: Sagittarius  

Tell me about Create48, did you enjoy it? I loved it! It was a high energy, super creative and collaborative time! It was amazing to see something that the production board and I planned for 6 months come to life!  

Favorite Create48 Memory? My favorite part was reading all of the first drafts of the scripts! It was so cool to see how different the scripts were, even though they all had the same prompt. It was also really fun to read through them all, because the production board is a very funny group of humans.  

What other organizations are you a part of on campus? I am the New Play Coordination for Mercutio Troupe and I am currently making puppets for Marvelous Oz, a Kidding Around show that will go up in December! I also volunteer with Tutors for All.  

Fun Fact? I have a pet fish named Magnolia, and that fish is very feisty!

Courtney is a junior BFA Writing, Literature, and Publishing student with a minor in Marketing from Emerson College. She is very much a libra. One day she hopes to pursue a career in words, or surronded by words. 
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