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Dos and Don’ts of St. Patrick’s Day

This year, St. Patrick’s Day is Tuesday, March 17, and there is no reason for you not to have a blast. With everyone dressed in green celebrating up and down the streets, it’s hard not to join in on the fun and get involved. Here are some dos and don’ts for a fun, safe, and memorable St. Patrick’s Day.

Do: Wear Green

Sure, wearing green is totally cliché on St. Patrick’s Day, but what’s wrong with a little cliché every once in a while? Get all of your friends to dress in green with you, and go be a part of the festivities. Try wearing a green hat or a pair of green glasses… it might even get you a free drink.

Don’t: Dress as a Sexy Leprechaun

Don’t do it, no matter how sexy or funny you think it is. People will either be giving you sexy, uncomfortable looks or looking at you and totally judging. Avoid the glares and dump the outfit all together.

Do: Cool Green Nail Art

Everyone loves an excuse to do some awesome nail art. Paint green four-leaf clovers or a little pot of gold on your nails. You can get great ideas from Pinterest! Have fun with it, because this will show your creative side!

Don’t: Stay In Because You’re Afraid

Boston is a city that really celebrates St. Patrick’s Day. Sure, people go out and get rowdy, but that’s no reason to be scared off. You shouldn’t stay inside and hide from the festivities because you’re nervous about what might happen outside. Sometimes it’s good to step out of your comfort zone, so go out for a walk with your friends and dress up – even if it’s just for 30 minutes!

Do: Try Some Fun Face Paint

Experiment! Paint a little clover near your eye, or test out some green eyeliner or green eye shadow. When’s the next time you’re going to be able to go crazy with green makeup?

Don’t: Drink Too Much

No one likes taking care of his or her sloppy, drunk friend. It’s okay to have a drink or two and have fun, but don’t chug tons of green beer and embarrass yourself. And don’t forget, this St. Patrick’s Day is on a school day, and no one wants to be hungover for classes the next day. Remember to know your drinking limit.

Do: Make Fun Green Treats

Any holiday is an excuse to bake and make some treats. Make some green cupcakes or make some brownies with green frosting! Everyone loves a treat, and it’s a fun way to be festive with your friends. You can even decorate your treats with Lucky Charms!

Have fun this St. Patrick’s Day! Remember to be safe but also have a good time. Keep these dos and don’ts in mind for your best St. Patrick’s Day yet.

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