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Do’s and Don’ts of the Halloween Blue Full Moon

This October 31st is a particularly spooky one for many reasons. Not only is the pandemic upon us on an ideal Saturday Halloween, it is also a blue full moon. For those that are unaware, a full moon is considered “blue” when it is the second to occur in a single month. Whenever a full moon is on Halloween, it has to be a blue moon because of the lunar cycle only lasting 29 days. This only happens every 19 years despite all the Halloween imagery of full moons and werewolves. That being said, there are important things to keep in mind when living through a Halloween blue full moon (if you believe in astrology or are particularly paranoid).


DO Stick to your plans

This season in particular, it is important to stick to your plans for the full moon. Both Mercury and Mars will be in retrograde which means extra problems in communication and scheduling. The full moon only exaggerates these periods of retrograde, so make sure that you are clear in making plans. That being said, you don’t have to make any plans at all. If you don’t make any plans, there is no need to stick to them! Take this time to sit back and soak in the energy of the full moon!

DON’T Start any projects

Starting a new project under the energy of the full moon would not be wise. The blue full moon is in alignment with letting go and releasing rather than the prospect of new beginnings. Try to take some time on Halloween to let go of emotional or mental clouds rather than trying something drastically new. It may cause a rocky start.

DO Cherish the moment (you won’t see it for another 19 years!)

This blue full moon on Halloween won’t happen again until much later in life! Think about how much could change in that time! Take the time to take in the perfect spooky backdrop that the full moon will give your late night holiday festivities. Think about the werewolves howling to the moon and the witches flying across the sky. Halloween has never felt so halloween-y!


DON’T Expect to see an actual blue moon

Sadly, the blue full moon will not actually be blue. I know, it is disappointing. The “blue” in blue full moon refers to the fact that it is the second full moon in a singular month. The first full moon of the month happened on the first. Since Halloween is on the 31st, whenever there is a full moon, it is always a blue full moon. When the moon appears to be actually blue, it is due to something in the atmosphere making it appear that way rather than the light itself. Throughout history, this has happened from volcanic ash in the sky. So, let’s hope we don’t see an actual blue moon on Halloween.

DO Get witchy!

A full moon on Halloween? That is the perfect time to get in touch with your spiritual side! However you may want to celebrate, whether it be an excellent witch’s brew or a summoning ritual, get in touch with the ladies of Salem and take advantage of the moments that the spiritual and the physical worlds are at their closest!

DON’T Be afraid to leave the familiar

The full moon will be in Taurus which means we should let our bodies take control. Naturally ground yourself and don’t be afraid to go with the flow. Allow your body to function without pushback from your mind and try to focus on its natural rhythm. By doing this, you should be able to let go of things you don’t have control over despite them feeling familiar to you. The full moon should help you let go and it will if you let it!

Anna Donohue

Emerson '24

Anna is a current freshman VMA major at Emerson College.
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