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A Crashcourse on Fall 2012 Trends

As busy Emersonians, I don’t expect you all to sit down and watch the countless amounts of runway shows during these fashion weeks. I’ve done the job for you, and compiled the hottest trends for this season.

Oxblood is HCEmerson’s favorite Fall trend. The color compliments every skin color and it can be worn with a normal matte or wax finish.

The Graphic Pullover
Let’s be real: Emerson wore graphic pullovers before it was cool. It’s an essential staple of the Emersonian community…amirite or amirite?

The Leather Skirt
These have been a trend for a while, and I don’t expect them to go away any time soon for this season. They come in a wide range of colors, but stick to neutrals (and oxblood, ahem) for the Fall; they can also come pleated or not, choose what ever feels right for you and your body. 

The Peasant Dress
Nothing makes me happier than to know that peasant dresses are here to stay after the summer, and yes, you can wear white after labor day (depending on the weather, opt out if it’s storming outside). 


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