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With the entire world turning to isolation and a socially distanced way of living,  in-person events are slowly coming back. Sometimes it feels like we take one step forward and two steps back with the state of the world and the virus. Finally there’s some good news, hope, and optimism; and then, one can turn to the news and feel a rush of hopelessness. We might never fully recover from this pandemic, but we are at least taking steps towards regaining our human connection and interaction. 

Experiencing live music of an artist you love with hundreds of others is an adrenaline rush and immense feeling of fulfillment. Music expresses what we feel and there’s a personal need that is fulfilled when we see others experiencing those same emotions. Concerts are not always accessible for everyone, physically or financially. For many of us, music is enjoyed through our phones and seeing an artist live is rare, and sometimes only happens once in a lifetime, making in-person concerts that much more special. With the pandemic, most of the venues require proof of a COVID vaccination and masks, providing more safety to the in-person concert experience.

Tai Verdes performed at Baby’s All Right, a small music venue in Brooklyn, New York, in November. This show was a part of his 2021 U.S. tour, his first tour since his music career gained popularity on TikTok over quarantine in 2020. The venue was small, making the concert experience with the band and fans more interactive and personal. The whole room brought the energy.  The feeling of being around people with a shared love for music is an indescribable one. Tai and Leyla Blue, who opened the concert, were engaged with the crowd and their stage presence was absolutely incredible. Concert tours can be exhausting and energy-draining for artists, but both brought energy and passion to the show. 

The whole concert experience was energetic and memorable. Tai’s music career is just beginning and his 2022 tour, HDTV, will kick off in April. If you’re vaccinated and have the opportunity to see your favorite artist live, you absolutely should. Concerts such as this one provide human connection and personal fulfillment we should all get to experience. 

*In an experience such as this, where hundreds to thousands of people all come together to feel alive and have fun, that’s exactly what it should be. No one should ever have to worry about their safety or their own life being threatened. The AstroWorld tragedy is a wake-up call to the music community and will forever impact the large outdoor music festivals. 

Sara is a third-year Visual and Media Arts Major at Emerson College. Raised in Port Chester, NY she spends most of her time in her favorite city in the world: New York. She uses writing as a creative and healing outlet, writing about her passion for music with concert/album reviews, film and photography, and discovery and personal growth.
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