Charity: Animal Haven

For charity recognition this week on Her Campus at Emerson I want to tell everyone about Animal Haven in NYC. They are an amazing non-profit organization that takes in abandoned cats and dogs and finds them their forever homes. Animal Haven also provides behavior intervention and other basic training and rehab programs.  

They are super thorough about the adoption process and truly care about where the animal ends up. There is a meet and greet with all family members, you must fill out an application with references, and if you already have a pet they request vet records. This may seem lengthy and unnecessary to some, but I think it’s so important because it means that only people who truly want to commit to bringing a new friend home will get the opportunity. So many animals end up in shelters because their owners didn’t realize the amount of work it would take. If you want to adopt then be 100 percent sure you are ready to take care of your pet through thick and thin. Animals are loyal to a fault and they need the same in return. My dog Daisy is basically my child and I can't imagine ever leaving her side if she were ill or going through normal symptoms of aging. She would have irreversible psychological trauma if my family ever abandoned her. I would NEVER do that, but some people just don’t understand that animals are living, loving sentient beings that have the same basic emotional and physical needs as humans. The thing is when we got her there were no background checks, no applications, no nothing. I hate the idea that she may have gone off with a family who ended up leaving her at a shelter.

Animal Haven is also amazing at helping injured pets in need. They are always looking for foster homes while injured and elderly pets are waiting to be adopted and all animals are fully up to date on vaccines and even microchipped. Many pets are special needs due to being neglected or homeless so they need people with a heart of gold to take them in. Adoption is a huge commitment, so if that's not something you can do then volunteer! Foster! Donate! Even reposting about an animal in need can be a big help!


I first found out about them on Instagram (check them out!! @animalhaven) and it’s so amazing how hard they work to post about the animals they have and give every available opportunity to get information about adoption. Another amazing thing is that they are a “no kill” shelter, which means that no matter how long a pet is there they will NOT resort to the cruel means that is euthanization. Some small shelters claim they have no choice but to do this due to lack of resources, so if you are looking to foster or adopt ask them who has been there the longest and take that sweet pup or feline home!

If you aren't in NYC then I encourage you to check out your local shelter and ask about volunteer opportunities. Not only does it help lovely animals, but they help you as well! Petting an animal for just five minutes can reduce stress and anxiety. It's also a resume boost! So, since you’re online RIGHT NOW then take just a hot second and look up your nearest shelter. Even a few hours a week would be greatly appreciated! And remember ADOPT DON’T SHOP!!

Animal Haven is open Tuesdays-Sundays from 12pm-7pm.

Other shelters in NYC: NYCACC, The Humane Society, ASPCA, or BARC Shelter.

If you’re in Boston check out: Animal Rescue League, MSPCA or pop over to Salem and visit Northeast Animal Shelter.