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Campus Celebrity Sarah Mania

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Emerson chapter.

Meet Sarah Mania, aka the “Mailroom Queen.” Sarah is a girl who knows how to take charge, and is never afraid to express her opinion. (Also, she really loves dogs.)

Year of Graduation: Spring 2016

Major: Writing, Literature, and Publishing (Nonfiction)

What do you do on Campus?

I work in the mailroom and am a treasurer and copy-editor for Lash.

What’s Lash about?

It’s a literary magazine focused on bringing awareness to intersectional feminism and all that relates to it.

Can you recognize people just from giving them their packages in the mailroom?

I recognize names more than people. If you tell me a name though, I can probably tell you if I have given them a package.

Dream job?

A copyeditor for an internationally recognized magazine, with the salary of a high level editor.

Pet peeves?  

Women who pee on toilet seats and don’t clean up after themselves. Catcallers. People who don’t use the Oxford Comma.

Fun facts?

I love dogs! I have seven tattoos, I was born in Holland, I have 29 Starbucks sleeves on a wall in my room, I love diners, and…I like grape-flavored things!

Favorite music?

I really like rap. I enjoy how the artists are able to put the words together and make them sound as if that’s how the words are meant to be put together. There are some lyrics where it’s like, ‘Of course that’s what you’re going to say, there’s no other way you can say that’ and I think that’s pretty cool.

Ashley is a senior Writing, Literature, and Publishing major at Emerson College. She will graduate in December 2016. She loves playing with clothes and make-up, traveling, and drinking way too much coffee. Friends and family, cute animals, (especially her own), and dessert make her happy. 
Emerson contributor