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Best Study Spots Around Boston

Sometimes it’s easy to get tired of trying to find a quiet corner in the Emerson library or an empty common room to get your work done. Plus, studying in your dorm room can be distracting. Finding a new and exciting study spot can put a fun twist on a normally bland task, and bringing friends along the way can help motivate you. Here are my favorite spots in Boston to study.

1. Boston Common/Boston Public Garden

As a college student in Boston, you’ve probably seen people here hanging out and doing homework, even if you haven’t been here to do so yourself. Boston Common has lots of open grass space that makes it perfect for bringing a picnic blanket, some friends, and your schoolwork. Also, seeing dogs running past you will certainly boost your mood. Boston Public Garden is great for surrounding yourself with beautiful scenery and being able to quietly relax while you study. I love sitting on the edge of the pond and being able to see the boats circling around in nice weather.

2. The Charles River Esplanade

This is one of my favorite places in Boston. The pier overlooking the Charles River provides a beautiful view of the city, and if you stick around for the sunset, the sky is gorgeous. In nice weather, there are chairs out that are perfect for curling up with a book while being surrounded by some of the most scenic sights of Boston. Depending on when you go, it’s sometimes quiet enough where you are to hear the sounds of the water below, which is super calming.

3. Boston Public Library

This one’s a bit of a no-brainer, but since the library is huge, there are so many places to get work done. You can find a seat in the Central Library at the counter that overlooks Boylston Street, or dive deeper inside, where there’s tables and chairs spread all throughout the various sections of the library. The McKim Building is my personal favorite; its beautiful architecture feels like I’m stepping into the page of a history book. I love the outdoor courtyard; there are tables that surround a pretty fountain that makes the whole scene so picturesque.

4. Coffee Shops

Sure, everyone is familiar with the college students who stake out Starbucks stores, but Boston’s small coffee chains feel even more special. My personal favorite is Caffe Nero, which has great coffee and bakery items and a cozy atmosphere that I could spend hours in. Other great spots are Thinking Cup, Boston Common Coffee Co., and Explorateur. Bring your laptop, a book, and a need for caffeine, and a coffee shop studying spot will be perfect for you.

Every person is different and will have different studying preferences. Even if these don’t work for you, I hope I’ve inspired you to try someplace new!

Writing, Literature, and Publishing major at Emerson College, concentrating in publishing and minoring in psychology. Avid defender of cats, coffee after dinner, and young adult books.
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