9 Times Michael Scott Summed up our Finals Week Feelings

We all know how it goes. Finals week rolls around, the coffee becomes more plentiful, the sleep deprivation intensifies and the amount of work and tests coming up keeps us on the consistent, quite precarious, verge of tears. Even though we can’t take away the work, maybe a list of Michael Scott GIFs describing your range of feelings towards finals will make you feel better, if only for a few minutes.

1. When your teachers announce your final projects and/or tests (that you technically knew about for the entire semester because of the syllabus, yet it still comes as a very sad surprise):

2. When you've just gotten the assignment, and begin your long period of procrastination:

3. When you finally get around to looking at the actual assignment, and the instructions or study suggestions are vague and confusing:

4. When your procrastination period ends and you realize you've waited until the very last minute to start the final paper or study for the test, and try not to freak out:

5. When you imagine what you would say to your teachers if you could:

6. When you actually start the paper:

7. When you finally have to sit down to take a test:

8. When you hand your test/paper in, and the teacher smiles and thanks you for it:

9. When you eventually make it home on the last day, and realize that you’ve just completed another year of college:

Don’t worry, collegiettes. Michael Scott prevailed in the end, and you will too!