8 Thoughts College Seniors Have at the Start of Their Last Year (As Told by Disney)

The first few days of classes at the beginning of your senior year are hard to take in. Some students are eager to make the most of their last days of college, while others are sad to see their time on campus come to an end. But, almost everyone is excited to don that cap and gown. Here are some thoughts you might have during the first days of your last year of college—as told by Disney characters.

1. You start to prepare to return to school, and you’re super excited!

2. That is, until you remember this is the last time you’ll return to school for a new year…

3. Then the first day rolls around and it’s hard to feel anything but tired.

4. However, class starts to look really good when you remember that you have to deal with the real world soon.  

5. As the day goes on, you realize that you don’t recognize as many students as you used to.

6. Then the reality of how little college you have left sets in and you start searching job listings in a panic.

7. Luckily your friends are freaking out just as much, so you can comfort each other.

8. Somewhere deep down, you know everything will be just fine…eventually.

Don’t worry, collegiettes; you can totally handle whatever your senior year throws at you!