7 Ways to Spring Clean Your Life

Now that the windows are open and the sun is shining it is time to hit refresh on our lives and shake off that depressing winter mood we have been in the last five months!

1. Say Good-bye to Clothes

I know this can be tough sometimes, but those old jeans that made your butt look good two years ago are just taking up space. For me, I have jackets that are piling up in my closet and I have no idea why. When digging through the drawers think about the following.  When was the last time you wore it? Would you buy it in the store if you went shopping today? Do you feel good in it? If yes, then put it back on the shelf. As for the stuff in the retired pile, donate it! There are plenty of places around Boston that you can donate your old clothes!

2. Refresh Your Fridge and Pantry

That lasagna from two months ago has to go. Clean out that fridge and pantry of yours! Chuck the unhealthy foods, clean out containers that are filled with leftovers and replace it with some new stuff! Sometimes we get caught up in a routine when it comes to what we eat. Get to the store and stock up on new healthy foods and ingredients so that you can get into a new and fresh routine! Once everything is cleaned out you can even dazzle up the food location as well. Amazon has cute refrigerator liners that make your fridge look just as cute as your place.

3. Tech Clean Up

Does your electronic mailbox have 20,000 emails in it? Time to tidy it up! I know it’s going to be torture and you’ll need to take some breaks, but once you dive in and start unsubscribing from spam emails, and delete all the junk you’ll feel so organzine. Once you have accomplished that task get on your social media and tidy that up too. Unfollow the negative people and the people who you can’t remember why you followed them in the first place. While you're at it, go into your photos folder and delete the blurry pics and pictures of the inside of your pocket. It’s just taking up unnecessary space.

4. Re-organize Your Place

Time to put the thinking cap on and put those muscles to use. The couch has been in the same place for too long and I’m sure there are many, many crumbs under it. Move things around! Find a new way to decorate! Hit up HomeGoods and find some new home decor. It gets old looking at the same things over and over. Put some plants on the window sill, new pictures in the frames, and a new pillow on the couch! It’ll feel like a whole new home!

5. Revamp Your Fitness Routine

Whether you are fully committed to working out or just getting started it’s good to change up those fitness habits. Set goals, daily challenges, and go at least five days a week. I know it’s the gym and you would rather not, but it’s good for your health so get to it. If you workout in the A.M. then the rest of the day you don’t have to worry about it! Instead of running when you get home, you can plop on the couch and get caught up on Grey’s Anatomy! If you don’t run or prefer not to, lift dumbbells, or take up a fitness class! I highly recommend Tabata or Yoga.

6. Set a Budget

I don’t know about you, but when spring and summer roll around I spend way too much money on stuff like clothes and ice cream. Before the regular outings begin, set a budget each month! This is a must! We can’t be poor forever!  If we start budgeting ourselves and put money into the savings account we will be so grateful in the future.

7. Pamper Yourself

Now that 1-6 is all taken care of, it’s time to relax! Fill up the tub and invest in some Lush because we need a good self-spa day. The leggings are out and the capris are in. Shave the areas, pluck the eyebrows, paint those nails, do whatever you have to do to make yourself feel good and fresh! After this semester we all need it.