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This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Emerson chapter.

This past summer I got to spend three weeks in the beautiful seaside city of Barcelona, Spain. In my time there I found some pretty amazing spots, actually seven amazing spots to be exact!


1. The Bunkers

This place is GORGEOUS. It’s a major hike but, the view is so worth it. You can literally see all of Barcelona from this look out spot. A perfect chill night includes a hike up to the bunkers with good company, a speaker, and a bottle of wine.


2. Brunch & Cake

This cute little brunch spot is the place to go after a night out. They have all your classics served with a little bit of a twist. Have you ever tried an eggs benedict served on top of a black waffle? It’s amazing.


3. Hotel America

So technically the rooftop pool is only supposed to be for guests but, what the staff doesn’t know won’t hurt them right? This hotel has a RIDICULOUS view and a great bar with friendly staff (as long as they think you’re a hotel guest that is).


4. Sumom

It’s not the best bar in town, but it sure is the cheapest. If you’re traveling on a budget sumom will be your favorite place to grab drinks. They serve shots for only one euro and cocktails for five!


5. Arena

Arena is probably the most fun gay club in Barcelona. Every Wednesday they have a “bubble party” which basically entails dancing in a swimsuit for hours in a room of bubbles up to your neck. Everyone gets a free coat check and drink too!


6. NBA Cafe

Okay okay, this one’s totally for the typical American tourist but it’s still a spot you should stop by! The restaurant is on the busy and famous street of Los Ramblas and is three stories! They have live music, great American bar food, and a TON of NBA memorabilia. It’s a basketball fans heaven.


7. La Boqueria Market

Also on Los Ramblas, La Boquería Market has so many options for food and drinks that anyone will walk out satisfied. From fruit smoothies to empanadas they have it all and for a reasonable price too!

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