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6 TV Shows You Need to Binge-Watch Again

The binge-watching trend isn’t going anywhere, so we might as well embrace it. Even though there seems to be a new breakthrough series coming out every week, it can be nice to re-binge the classics or ones you’ve totally forgotten about. The next time you’re overwhelmed by the ‘New Releases’ section on Netflix, check out this list and revisit an old favorite.


From the opening notes of the classic theme song, you’ll wonder why you ever stopped binge-watching Friends. It’s the perfect show to just throw on while you’re doing homework, cleaning or in need of a few hours of feel-good TV. You’ll fall in love with Monica and Chandler all over again, and the turkey getting stuck on Joey’s head never gets old—trust me. No matter what episode, Friends is just that kind of show that will put a smile on your face and make you appreciate who you have around.

Grey’s Anatomy

For this one, you’ll need to stock up on some tissues, but it’s so worth it. To see the very first meeting of Derek Shepherd and Meredith Grey is a magical moment that you should most definitely watch more than once. Besides that, though, just the character developments of powerhouses like Miranda Bailey and Callie Torres is enough entertainment to distract you from all of the crying you’ll probably do. At least the people leading you on this horrendously emotional journey are the most good looking people to ever appear on TV.

30 Rock

Number one, this show stars Tina Fey, so you can’t go wrong with watching it again. If you forgot how incredible this woman is in front of a camera, this is the perfect show to remind yourself. Not only will this show give you back your Tina Fey bug, but you’ll also end up crying from laughter after most episodes. Also, James Marsden makes quite a few appearances if you needed any other reason to re-enter the magical experience of binge-watching 30 Rock.

The Office

Does this one even need convincing? Michael Scott, Dwight, JOHN KRASINSKI. There really is no reason to not head back to Scranton to pay a visit to the ever quirky pals at Dunder Mifflin.

Parks and Recreation

Feeling a little unmotivated after the election? Rewatching Parks and Rec will surely relight your fire, whether it be for breakfast foods, politics or your best friend. Leslie Knope will remind you how wonderful the world really is, even if people keep kicking you down. Parks and Recreation has the whole package—an interesting plot, great characters, amazing one-liners and Chris Pratt! Plus, there’s no harm in re-watching everyone’s favorite parks director chase her dreams.

Gossip Girl

The first time around, you probably watched this show to figure out who Gossip Girl was. Now you can watch it again to figure out the real truth: are you more Blair or Serena? I’m pretty sure Gossip Girl is one of those shows that gets more exciting each time you watch it (in no more than exactly two weeks). Besides the plot, you’ll also get major outfit and apartment inspiration from our favorite leading ladies. You might even get some Instagram ideas from the fabulous NYC setting. 

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