5 TV shows that need to end

We all know a TV show that never seems to end.  It feels like they’ve been going on forever, and in truth they should have ended seasons ago. Here are five of those TV shows that are inexplicably still going and for the sake of my sanity need to end.

Greys Anatomy

As much as I love McDreamy and the Doctors at Grey Sloan Memorial Hospital this soap opera-esque drama has run its course several times over. The audience has loyally followed shootings, plane/ train and ferry crashes, loss of limbs and failed relationships -- there isn’t much the show hasn’t covered. With Sandra Oh (who plays Christina Yang) announcing her departure from the show this coming season, it’s time for Greys Anatomy to call it quits.


Viewers are tuning in to the ninth season of Bones more out of a sense of duty than interest. The onscreen awkwardness is at an all time high with the dynamic duo’s chemistry having ended seasons ago. Even the rest of the cast’s previously sizzling personalities have started to fizzle. For example, the show’s inability to pick an intern for six seasons led it to awkwardly rotate between seven different actors. It is time for this show to wrap it up and save everybody the pain of sitting through another season.

Big Bang Theory

Even though Jim Parsons recently nabbed an Emmy for his role as Sheldon Cooper, this show has long since lost its allure. The plot of nerds living across the hall from a hot girl has long since been played out. Watching the tumultuous relationship of the geeky Leonard (Johnny Galecki) and out-of-his-league Penny (Kaley Cuoco) unfold has tired and aggravated the audience -- and not in a good Ross and Rachel of Friends kind of way. Not to mention after sending one of the cast members to ‘space’ for a season they’ve done about all they can. The personalities that started out as refreshing and loveable have turned into annoying and repetitive.

Americas Next Top Model

This show has literally been going on for forever. It has survived 20 seasons of Tyra Banks mentoring hopeful contestants through modeling tasks. Tasks like posing covered in maple syrup, or with alligators, even dressing as zombies or vampires.Tyra has done every kind of photo shoot possible. It is time she realizes she’s never gonna be on top and she needs to take her ‘smize’ off the air.

Teen Mom/ Sixteen and Pregnant

Never should have been a show. Ever.