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5 Tips to Make Your Instagram Photos Better

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Emerson chapter.

1. Plan Ahead

I love having a cohesive theme, it adds so much to the initial impression people have when they click on your profile. It makes your Instagram page look more artistic and visually appealing. There are various apps that help you plan your feed by allowing you to see your existing feed and move around potential posts to see which photos look best next to each other. My favorite feed planning app at the moment is UNUM!

2. Have Fun with Filters

I’m a huge fan of VSCO, but then again, who isn’t? The app has a broad range of filters that are both free and paid for, each giving off a different vibe and feel for your photos. I used to stick to just one filter to keep my feed cohesive, but lately I’ve been enjoying mixing different edits and colors to make my feed look more interesting and dynamic. My latest filter obsession has been the app HUJI, it allows you to take instant photos on your phone that automatically add a disposable camera like filter with fun lighting affects, giving off a modern-vintage vibe.

3. Don’t Crop Your Photos

A lot of people choose to crop their photos into the square format to fit Instagrams feed format. However, I’ve found that my uncropped photos receive more likes because they fill up more of my followers phone screens when scrolling through Instagram.

4. Don’t Fear Empty Space

A lot of people wind up having messy looking feeds because each of their photos are so jam packed and lack negative space. Use negative space to your advantage! It gives you the opportunity to clear up areas of your feed and post more busy photos later on while still maintaining a feed that isn’t too cluttered or empty.

5. Quality Not Quantity

What’s the point of posting photos if you aren’t proud of them? Don’t get wrapped up in the whole “social media presence” frenzy. Post as much as you’d like of photos you genuinely want to share with the world! A bunch of higher quality photos make for a better feed than a bunch of mixed quality photos.

Emerson contributor