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5 Things We Can Learn From the Kardashians

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Emerson chapter.

1.) Own Your Weaknesses

You remember how it all started: Kim was just a Beverly Hills shopper before her iconic sex tape dropped. Instead of hiding away in the shadows and trying to cover up, she owned it. And look where it got her! She became huge after appearing on multiple talk shows to open up about life after her tape and admit to her mistake. It made for a pretty entertaining first season of Keeping Up With The Kardashians! When Kris had bladder issues she cashed out on it, becoming the face of Poise pads. Oh, and Kylie? Those lip kits are still sold out.

2.) Be Upfront…And Don’t Hold Back

Even if you haven’t watched the show, you’ve seen the memes. These girls can get pretty catty at times, but at least they’re real with each other. The family never fails to say how they really feel about each other. Sure, their execution could use a little work, but at least they’re honest.

3.) Be Body Positive

Khloe has talked countless times about her reputation as the “fat” and “ugly” Kardashian sister on the show. After divorcing Lamar, she took those emotions and made them into something positive. She toned up and became the face of fitness on social media, creating her own show, “Revenge Body.” This lesson isn’t about feeling the need to lose weight to be positive about your own body. She makes it a point on social media that she changed her lifestyle for herself and her own health and happiness. With her new clothing brand, Good American, she has created an extensive line of good ol’ fashioned American denim, ranging from sizes 00 to 24, for women of all shapes and sizes.

4.) Take No Sh!t

Season 1 of KUWTK is when the Kardashians truly set their limits… for the time being at least. When Playboy reached out to Kim for a shoot and requested she be nude, she put her foot down. After the sex tape, she had no tolerance for companies profiting from the over sexualization of her body. Of course, she later broke the internet with her PAPER magazine cover, but that was on her own terms when she was truly okay with posing nude.

5.) Family Over Everything

Family is always a huge theme on the show. I mean obviously, it’s literally a reality show about a celebrity family in Calabasas. But, after the Paris robbery, Kim made a point to show the world that all that truly mattered to her was her family. Once she came back on social media she stopped flashing her wealth and only posted vintage inspired film photos of her loved ones. On the KUWTK robbery episode, she opens up about what was going through her head. All she was hoping for was that her sisters could have a normal life after seeing what had happened, and that her children could live happy lives. When it comes down to it, nothing matters more than your loved ones.

Emerson contributor