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Whenever I’m stressed out and I need to take a breather, or even when I have the slightest bit of free time, I love taking walks, especially if the route is scenic and full of nature’s beauty. Most of the time, I love listening to music while I’m walking because it helps me feel at ease wherever I am. If you are looking for some songs to add to your “nature walk” playlist, here are a few of my recommendations! Some of these songs have themes of nature attached to them while others are simply songs that have serene and relaxing vibes.

standing on cliff with mountains in view
Photo by Jesse Dyer from Unsplash

“Oh, What a World” by Kacey Musgraves

This was the first song that came to my mind when thinking of music that talks about nature. Serving as the fourth track in her Grammy-winning 2018 album Golden Hour, Kacey Musgraves’ “Oh, What a World” simply talks about the beauty of the world around us, and how magical the sights of nature can be. From the enticing introduction to some of the most picturesque lyrics I’ve read, “Oh, What a World” is a top-tier song for basking in the sheer beauty of nature.

“It’s Raining” by Vincent Blue

I recently found this song through a friend of mine, but as soon as I hit play, I was immediately hooked! While he’s mostly known for his drama OSTs (original soundtracks) and debuted as a drama OST singer in 2015, he has also released some music of his own! The title speaks for itself, “It’s Raining” is the perfect song to listen to on a drizzly day, or even on your stroll out in any type of weather! The song is very jazz-influenced with Blue’s improv scatting at the beginning, and his voice is just absolutely heavenly to listen to.

“She’s Always a Woman” by Billy Joel

An all-time classic, but also one of my favorite songs to listen to when I simply want to wind down! Coming from Billy Joel’s The Stranger, “She’s Always a Woman” tells the story of someone falling in love with a woman, to the extent of falling in love with her quirks and flaws. While the song doesn’t really have any nature themes within its lyrics, something about the piano-heavy orchestration makes me develop an image of looking up at a night sky full of stars, and reminds me that romanticizing your life is never a bad thing.

“Bloom” by Raveena

I never have heard of Raveena until recently, and that was when her NPR Tiny Desk concert popped up on my “Recommended” on YouTube. From the three songs she performed for that concert (“Honey,” “Bloom,” and “Still Dreaming”), her music makes me want to practice self-care and to unwind from a long day’s work. “Bloom” is one of my favorite songs to listen to at the moment, and its lyrics use imagery of a flower to depict Raveena moving past her ex-lover. Whether you are basking under the sun, or observing a light drizzle outside, “Bloom” is the perfect song to listen to in any type of weather!

“This View” by Surfaces

I found this song a little while back, and this song is just the embodiment of relaxing and having fun at the beach with your toes dipped in the ocean. You may have heard of Surfaces from their popular song “Sunday Best,” and from listening to these two songs, I infer that their music simply radiates good vibes all around. Whenever “This View” comes up on the queue, my mood is immediately boosted. Whether you are frolicking in the woods with your friends or having fun at the beach, never pass up on “This View”—one of the most addictive songs I’ve listened to this month!

Marieska Luzada is a sophomore at Emerson College at Boston, MA majoring in journalism and minoring in publishing. Besides writing for HerCampus, you can find her drafting an a capella arrangement, drinking an iced matcha latte, reading a young adult contemporary, or listening to Studio Ghibli movie soundtracks.
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