5 Must Have Mobile Apps

We can safely say that our phones are important. We spend a lot of time on them, we communicate with them and we go about our daily lives with constant help from the little rectangle in our pocket. If you’ve got a smartphone, it means you can download apps, and while most of us have the basic staples, you may be missing out on these lesser-known (but incredible!) apps. 

1. Wunderlist

For all you collegiettes with a never-ending to-do list, Wunderlist is the app for you. Wunderlist is a list app that organizes all of your tasks in different categories that are completely customizable. Not only that, but it syncs to all of your devices (smartphone, tablet, computer), so that you can add to and check off tasks no matter where you are or what you’re doing. 

2. The Canvas App

If your teacher uses Canvas, there’s no better way to stay on top of things than the Canvas app. It keeps track of all assignments, has all the files ready to be downloaded, and basically does everything the Canvas desktop does, only in a portable app. 

3. Snapseed

For the photography-loving collegiette, Snapseed is an editing app that will make all your photos look amazing. With advanced editing options and tons of lenses, this app is guaranteed to enhance your photos.

4. ProximiT

As it gets colder, the waits for the trains get harder. ProximiT is an app that tracks the MBTA, so you’ll always know when the next train is arriving. 

5. Evernote

For the continuous note-taker, this app is a savior. Another one that is available and syncs to most of your devices, Evernote is the ultimate note-taking app. With almost as many sections, fonts and options as you could have with a pen and paper, this one is necessary.

We know these apps are totally going to enhance your phone, and your life. Enjoy!