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5 Halloween Movies to Watch

As much as the Halloween season gets me giddy by itself, there are times when even I need a little pick-me-up to get me excited and feeling spooky. Whether I need a good animated movie, something funny, or something scary, the right movie can take me out of whatever funk I’m in and perk my witch hat straight up again. Here are just a few examples of my go-to Halloween movies.

1. The Nightmare Before Christmas

For me, nothing can compare to this movie. Not only is it perfect for Halloween, but it’s an incredible Christmas movie – you could basically have this playing every night of October, November, and December. While Hot Topic may or may not have taken over this movie, I think its value is so great that not even middle schoolers can tarnish its greatness.

2. Scooby-Doo: The Movie

I think we can all agree that Scooby-Doo is the original year-round Halloween icon. The legacy of Scooby-Doo has lived on for so long that no one can deny the necessity of our continued devotion. Plus, the live action movie is not only a shrine to the humor and ridiculousness of the early 2000s, but it’s actually a really good movie. Plus, Buffy the Vampire Slayer, the dude from Scream, and Lindsay from Freaks and Geeks are all in it, and that just makes me giggle.

3. The Shining

Okay so The Shining is, like, actually a certified classic. Not only is it scary, funny, and confusing, but it has a (somewhat) happy ending!! It isn’t Halloween-themed, or even set during Halloween, but the reminder of the impending doom and gloom of winter makes it even spookier.

4. The Addams Family

Remember when that trend was going around where people would post 3 pictures of fictional characters that made up their personality? Well, Gomez Addams was my number one. Not only is this movie hilarious, Halloween-themed up the wazoo, and beautiful, but Gomez and Morticia are the couple goals of the century. With or without a boo (get it) to snuggle up to, nothing says ‘cuffing season’ like the melodrama of their love. (Plus Addams Family Values is a high quality sequel if your taste isn’t satisfied with just one movie).

5. Scooby-Doo! and the Witch’s Ghost

Not to be dramatic, but the Hex Girls are literally the greatest girl group of all time. Plus, this movie is set in Salem, and Salem is one of my favorite places on this Earth. So as much as you may think I’ve gone overboard with Scooby-Doo, I haven’t, because my reasons for this suggestion are entirely different than my reasons for the first Scooby-Doo movie. PLUS this one is a cartoon, so it’s a completely different vibe than the first one.


6. Edward Scissorhands

LOOK, okay, I kept the Tim Burton to a minimum in this article (notice: no Coraline OR Frankenweenie OR Corpse Bride OR Beetlejuice OR Sweeney Todd [those are extra suggestions you’re welcome]), but I personally identify with Edward. Not only do I have an affinity for living in dark castle-like structures on top of hills, but I lived very close to suburbia, and I have a bunch of scissors for hands. This is an obvious Halloween marathon suggestion, HOWEVER, it didn’t make it onto the main list because Johnny Depp is abusive and as much as I wish I could separate the artist from their art, I cannot (my reasons are for another article, keep a look out), so his movie gets a footnote suggestion.

Ailish Harris is a Stage Management and Performing Arts Design transfer student at the University of Utah. She's originally from Salt Lake City, UT, but was lucky enough to attend Emerson College in Boston, MA for her first 3 semesters of college. She has written for both Her Campus Emerson and Her Campus Utah, and is the current Editor in Chief for Her Campus Utah! She is a student leader in many capacities, working as the Secretary for Stage Managers at the U and as the Historian for the Department of Theatre's Student Advisory Committee. She loves Halloween, cooking, theatre, documentaries, organization, fashion, her pet hedgehog Chester, true crime, and Her Campus!
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