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5 Great Birthday Gift Ideas (and how to think of them)

  1. Vinyl Frame with Vinyl

Does this person like music? I would hope so. Ask them their favorite band or stalk their Spotify a bit. The great thing about this gift is that they do not even need a record player because they can hang the vinyl right on their wall like an award. Since there are vinyls printed for pretty much everything, including stand-up comedy sets, I guarantee you will be able to find something your person will enjoy!

  1. Popsicle Stick Box

This is my favorite gift idea for any holiday. Not only is it extremely affordable, but it also will let the person know just how much they mean to you. For this, you will need a box of multi-colored popsicle sticks and a container to put them in. Assign all the different colors to different categories. For example, yellow sticks are inside jokes, blue are songs that remind you of them, green are your favorite memories with them, and so on. etc. You can fill out as many popsicle sticks as possible and give the filled container to them. Now, whenever you two are apart, they can pull out a stick of their choice from the box and be enlightened with a memory of you. 

  1. Customizable Spotify Glass Plaque

Do you and your friend share a special song? My best friend and I always jam to “Good 4 U” by Olivia Rodrigo. If you go to myspotifyplaque.com you can choose any song you would like. Then you can print the Spotify code onto a plaque with either the original album cover or a picture of you and your friend you upload! This will serve as a great dorm decoration for your friend. 

  1. A Blank Block Letter of the First Letter of Their Name

For my friend Grace’s 17th birthday, I bought a plain wooden block letter “G.” I spent hours painting our inside jokes, memories, and plans onto the letter. Two years later, she still keeps the letter on her desk and always looks at it during zoom class as a positive reminder of our friendship. 

  1. A Picture Book!

Finally, a super simple and affordable gift is a picture book. Don’t stress if you do not have a lot of photos of this person to print; you can leave a few pages blank for future memories. In addition to photos of the two of you, you can also add photos of their favorite movie or TV show and write down some of your favorite memories on blank pages. Have fun with it!

I hope these tips will help you get gifts for that special someone in your life!

Hello! My name is Elizabeth Albahary and I am a sophomore Visual Media Arts Major at Emerson College! This is my first year being a part of Her Campus, however, I was a proud member of my school's newspaper in High School. Some of my interests include: acting, writing, directing, and singing.
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