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This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Emerson chapter.


Listen to your favorite playlist or ebook while you’re walking to and from class or at the gym! You’re going to have those days where you just need to block out the world around you and headphones are a great way to say “Hey! Don’t talk to me!” without being rude!

2. A Planner!

Planners and Agendas are ESSENTIAL for every college student around the globe! They’re great for keeping all your important dates and to-do’s in one place! Not to mention all the cute options that are on the market! You can get a cheap one at places like Target or your campuses bookstore!

3. A Camera!

You’re going to meet so many new people make so many amazing memories in college that you want to remember! Having something to take pictures with is a must! Keep it simple and just use the camera on your phone or have a little more fun with it and invest in a polaroid camera! The printed photos make for great dorm decor too! If you want something a bit cheaper you can pick a disposable camera at your local convenience store.

4. A Bunk Buddy!

Most college dorm rooms don’t come with a nightstand, but that’s why bunk buddies exist! Bunk Buddies are small nightstands you can attach to the side of your bed without damaging the furniture! They’re as cheap as $15 on amazon, and don’t forget you have free two day shipping with student prime now (but act fast, you only have free prime for six months)!

5. A Reusable Water Bottle!

Don’t waste your money on plastic water bottles! They may seem cheap for only a dollar but that cash adds up quick! Just invest in a bottle you can reuse for the rest of the school year! Not to mention you can save money by filling them with drinks from the cafeteria, like milk! There are tons of cute options available too! You can even pick one up from your campuses bookstore and show off your school spirit!

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