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5 Carry-on Essentials for Summer Travel

Summer travel is the best, because you’re already on a break from school, and it feels like extra vacation. Whether you’re traveling a little or lot this summer, you’ll want a formula for the perfect carry-on. Good moisturizing products + music + reading material + snacks + scarf = the perfect equation for long plane rides. You’ll feel refreshed in the drying air. A good playlist will take you to another place, and get you excited for your adventure to come. Getting lost in a good book or reading a lighter magazine can provide some good entertainment for a few hours. Of course, you won’t want just a few honey roasted peanuts, so make sure to pack some filling snacks for your flight. Last but not least, a nice cozy scarf can help you get comfortable on a cold airplane, and can double as a pillow for when you want to take a nap before you arrive at your destination. Be safe and have fun wherever your journeys may take you, collegiettes. 

1. Moisturizing Products

2. Headphones

3. Reading Material

4. Snacks and Gum 

5. Scarf

Alexandra is a senior at Emerson College studying writing, literature, and publishing.
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