The 5 Best Things About Summer

The sun is bright and burning, your skin is getting a nice golden tan, and sunglasses and cutoffs are finally in style. That's right, we're talking about summer. With summer just around the corner, we're recapping the five best things about the season!

1. School’s out

Yes, you love your school. And yes, there are plenty of friends you’ll miss. But, by the time spring and finals roll around you’re ready for a break, and the four months of fun and sun summer provides is perfect!

2. Summer fashion

Break out those bikinis because it’s summer. No more bundling up in puffy winter coats and layers of cardigans. You finally get to show some skin in your summer wardrobe!

3. Beach trips

Sand, sun, and the sound of the ocean. Summer is the season for beach trips. Grab some friends, put on some sunblock, load up your car with beach chairs and a cooler, and get on the road and on your way to the nearest beach!

4. Summer flings

Everyone’s dreamed of a summer fling, and maybe you’ll find your own this summer! Plus, summer is the perfect date season. There’s so much do to and so many possibilities for cute and amazing dates!

5. Summer activities

Besides the beach, there are plenty of things to do in summer. Go hiking, play a round of mini golf with friends, have an ice cream date or spend the night around a bonfire. There’s no shortage of fun in summer!


This summer catch some waves, soak up some sun, and most importantly, relax and have fun!