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4 Ways to Spend Your Final Summer Before Graduating

You’ve finished your final exams and are so excited for summer! Maybe you’ve already figured out where you’re living this summer and if you have an internship or not, but if you’re a rising Senior, things might get a little depressing. It’s your last summer ever! Technically, unless you become a teacher. If you’re freaking about your last summer before graduation, here are some ways to spend it:

1. Work to impress at your internship

Got an awesome internship set up for the summer? Great! You only have a few more internships left until you’re out in the real world looking for your first full-time job, so impress your boss. You never know what may happen. If they love you, they might offer you a position for when you graduate.

2. Visit your friends

If you have some free time this summer, visit your friends. Your friends might be doing an external program next year or graduating early. Once you graduate, it becomes a lot harder to get together. Spend some quality time together before you become real adults!

3. Travel

If you have the money, go abroad. You never know when you’ll have time to do that when you get a job. Go somewhere you’ve always wanted to visit. Got family in Europe? See if you can visit them for a week or two.

4. Take a staycation

You’re going to be working for the rest of your life, or most of it. Take a week off from your internship (if you can) or part-time job and just relax. Go to the beach in the middle of the day or just relax at home. You deserve it!

Enjoy your final summer; you’re so close to graduating!

Katelyn is a senior studying Marketing Communications and Journalism at Emerson College. She is involved with various marketing groups on campus and hopes to work in the entertainment or sports marketing industry. She spent a semester in Valencia, Spain and can be found at a Red Sox or Bruins game more often than not. You can find Katelyn on Twitter at @katelyngearan or @katelyn_gearan.
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