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4 Unique Winter Makeup Looks

The winter season is upon us. That means peppermint mochas, candy canes, eggnog, and new makeup ideas! The winter season can be fun but challenging when it comes to makeup. On one hand, you get to bring back your signature red lip and cat eye, on the other hand, do you really want to do that every day? I have found that since my style has to be kept a bit more practical, as winter in Boston is *um very cold.* That leaves my makeup to pump up the volume on an otherwise dull look.

To try to combat the difficulty of finding new, fun looks this winter, I decided to create four of them for you! I took inspiration from photos I found online of beautiful winter scenes that I will put next to the final look that I came up with. This was harder than I imagined, as creating a sunset with blues and reds can look clownish, and drawing trees on an eyelid with eyeliner is no easy task (don’t worry, that isn’t one of the final looks I decided upon).

I’m sure that many of you beautiful readers have much more talent than I do when it comes to makeup. If you have an idea that’s different than one I did (or you are brave enough to try to draw trees on your eyelids), let us know by posting your winter creations on Instagram. Use the #HCwintervibes and tag us @HerCampusEmerson so I can see your looks and give you a Like!

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Look No. 1: Winter Sunset

For this look, I started by blending a light yellow and darker orange into the middle of my eye. Then I took a periwinkle blue (the darker one I tried in a different version was way too intense) and pushed it into the inner and outer corners of my eyes. I brought the same blue lightly into my crease. Then I brushed a red-orange right above my crease, and alternated blending that color and the blue into my crease until I was happy with the effect. I finished the look off with a tight line of black eyeliner and the Tarte Cosmetics “Lights Camera Lashes” mascara that was generously given to all of the Her Campus members in this month’s survival kit (Check out some of the other cool stuff we got here!). You can get involved with Her Campus and get some free goodies too! Contact Talia Santopadre at [email protected], to ask about joining our team next semester!

Look No. 2: Snowstorm

This look brings it back to the basics with a subtle smoky eye. I started by applying a white shadow all across my lids, then adding a less opaque, more sparkly white on top. Then I blended a light gray from the middle of my lid out. I took a metallic black and pushed it into my outer corners and crease. Next I blended away! I added thin line of black eyeliner and used the Tarte Cosmetics “Lights Camera Lashes” mascara for the finishing touches.

Look No. 3: Northern Lights

This look is by far the easiest to recreate. I just took a magenta shadow and applied it to the inner half of my lid, then took a glittery blue and swiped it on the outer half. I took a clean brush and bended where the two colors met until I was happy with how it looked. Finally, I added eyeliner and mascara to finish.

Look No. 4: Winter in New England

For this final look, I took a red-orange shadow and applied it all over my lids. Then, I took a pigmented gold shadow and brushed it over my my entire lid. I went in with the same red I used before and applied a second layer to the inner corner of my eyes. I added eyeliner and mascara, then finished with a red lip. This look would be perfect for a holiday party, or if you added a thicker eyeliner and some brow product, a great look to kickoff the new year. You can dress up the makeup by styling your hair up in a tight bun with a scrunchy (the 90’s are, and have been back, did you know?), or keep it casual with a messy pony or half up half down style.

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