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4 Trendy Pieces to Add to Your Closet That Are Bound to Stay in Style

People often forget that style and fashion are two separate entities. 

Style never really leaves. It’s timeless. It’s personalized and specific to what looks good on each individual. Fashion is ever-changing. We have shows specifying its endless evolution throughout the year. 

So while fashion can make you feel cool and confident, it’s often more cost-efficient and chic to pick what we can keep in our closet rotation for a longer period of time. 

Here are some basic staple pieces that will make you look hot as hell for a long time.

1.) A Large flowy patterned button-up shirt

Nowadays, everyone walking down the street has one of these in their closet—or many. Streetwear fashion is loving the big button-up with flowy pants [look or combo] right now. But you don’t need flowy pants to rock the look. 

This piece can be styled tied up, left open with another shirt or bralette, worn buttoned as is, tied up, or tucked in. You can try a different style depending on the event and desired look. 

2.) High waisted plaid pants

Want to look like a boss-b**ch with minimal effort? Try on a pair of these. 

There’s so many different styles, brands, and colors, but they all have the same affect. A pair of these pants updates your look and adds a level of chic sophistication. Wear with a sweater, a blazer, or even a t-shirt. All very different looks, but they share the same basic style piece. Plus, the high waist smooths everything out. Try a black-and-white pattern or something neutral to make the pair even more versatile. They’ll be the favorite pants in your repertoire before you know it. 

Low rise Brittney Spears jeans might come back into style eventually, but you’ll always look amazing in these high-waisted gems. 

3.) A vintage silk scarf 

This piece is a true investment into better style. Pick the perfect size, and the possibilities for how you wear it are endless. 

Sure, silk scarves are really trendy right now as a bandana, a few specific styles worn across sidewalks throughout the country right now—but why limit yourself to that? Wear it as a headband, ascot, bandeau top, bag accent, choker, belt, and more. The possibilities are only as big as your imagination. 

4.) An oversized jean jacket 

Tired of the jean jacket you’ve had since middle school? Yes, a jean jacket is the perfect staple for anyone who tend to run on the colder side, going with nearly everything. But consider this a modern twist to a tired tradition. Its durability and style longevity make it  the perfect purchase for someone looking to freshen up their outfit right now. 

Oversized fits are really in fashion right now, but the silhouette can actually enhance your natural shape when you wear something fitted underneath. Or don’t, to completely rock the oversized trend. Either way, it’s a good purchase. 


Can’t wait to see you all at HC College Fashion Week in these new digs!


Lilli is a Co-Campus Correspondent for Her Campus at Emerson. This is her second year as a member of Her Campus and second as a Campus Trendsetter. Lilli is a senior journalism major at Emerson College with minors in fiction and women, gender, and sexuality studies. She's a bubbly Aries who loves to keep a busy schedule, but she always leaves enough room for food, friends, and curling up to watch HGTV. Follow her on Instagram @lillircohen
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