4 Summer to Fall Transition Pieces

The leaves are changing and so is the weather. As warm summer nights turn into crisp fall mornings, your favorite skirt may still look cute, but is no longer practical. Don’t worry, though. Here are four ways to beef up your summer wardrobe so you can rock it all fall. 

1. Tights, tights, tights!

You can wear dresses all year long. If it’s a little chilly, cover-up with a pair of tights. Tights come in all different patterns, so they're a great way to spice up an outfit! As it gets colder, just switch to a thicker tight (try knit or fleece-lined tights in the winter).

Forever 21 Must-Have Knit Tights, $7.80

2. Layer with a cardigan

The key to fall fashion is layering. Outside it may be cold, but inside might be hot. Or maybe the morning is a bit nippy, but the afternoon is sunny and warm. Fall is the ever-changing season. Throw a cardigan over your favorite tank and you have the perfect fall outfit. Plus, you can add or remove a layer as you like.

H&M Knit Cardigan, $24.99

3. More layers—rock the perfect fall coat

Fall is prime time to rock a cute coat. Pick something with plenty of room so you can still layer underneath, but also don't be afraid to play with color. Fall is known for its bright colors after all; maybe rock a cool coral or this classic beautiful beige. You can try out the iconic trench, or maybe a trendier cargo jacket. There are plenty of different styles to try and experiment with. 

Loft Belted Coat, $188

4. Hats on

A hat not only keeps the cold from freezing your ears, but also adds an adorable fall touch to any outfit. Recommended fall colors: burgundy, beige or charcoal. 

Banana Factory Cable-Knit Beret, $14.99

How are you going to get your summer wardrobe fall ready?