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4 Reusable Water Bottles That Will Make You Actually Want to Be Sustainable

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Emerson chapter.

As college students, we’re all uncomfortably aware of the reality that the constant use of plastic materials is a no-go for the planet, to put it mildly. If you haven’t done so already, it’s time to switch to Team Reusable. Plastic water bottles are often not recycled, and the impact devastates the earth. Emerson is very reusable bottle-friendly: you’ve probably seen a ton of bottle filling stations around campus, and now you can even get a discount when you bring a reusable beverage container to one of our coffee shops. And one of the fun things about using a reusable water bottle is that there are so many different designs, so you can sip in style. Here are four water bottles that will motivate you to stay sustainable!

Collapsible Bottles

This is just one of many collapsible water bottles on the market. They’re so convenient for when you need to take your beverage on the go, so you can easily transport your bottle between classes. Honestly, every time I come across one of these, I need to play with it. So this one gets bonus points for not only being convenient, but also good for my constant fidgeting.

Water Tracking Bottles

Keeping track of your hydration is so important. It’s easy for me to forget to drink water, especially as a busy college student, so one of these nifty bottles is not only great for the environment, but great for your health. Every time you drink a bottle’s worth of water, you can move one of the bands around the bottle, or even take them off and wear them. And, of course, the bands are fun to play with and look at. 

Infuser Bottles

I love a good fruit-infused bottle of water. You can buy reusable water bottles with special compartments to put fruit in, so you can take your infused water on the go. Who doesn’t like to feel a little boujee every now and then with some lemon water?

Hydro Flasks

I’ve never owned a Hydro Flask, but the amount of backlash people get for them is wild. They’re cute and help the planet! Get that VSCO girl stereotype out of here. If you want a Hydro Flask, let this article be a sign to you that it’s totally okay to buy one. Fill up that reusable bottle and tell the haters that you’re helping the environment.

The amount of sustainable options open to you are endless. You can find a reusable water bottle that works for you in countless stores, or you can pick one up online. All that matters is that you will want to use your bottle and reduce your plastic use, no matter what style you want to go for.

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