4 Last Minute Costume Ideas

Oh no! It’s the week of Halloween, and you have been too stressed by midterms to plan out your outfits. You want to look your best but have a limited amount of time and resources (and money). Everyone has those moments. October is a stressful time for students; not exactly prime time for trick or treating, parties, and scary movie nights that come along with its spooky end. 

Here are some original costume ideas that are easy and chic—giving you one leg up to living your best life and looking that way, too.

1. An Alien

Aliens have been getting a lot of attention after Area 51 memes swarmed the internet and the actual site this summer. So get into the  Euphoria makeup that’s been hitting the sweet spot of Millenials and Gen-Zers across the country. Put on some glitter. Pick up a pair of antenna at CVS (or make them yourself). Put on a cute dress to match, and you’re done! Your costume will look out of this world.

Added points for a wig or colorful hair to match.

2. A Greek Goddess/God

If you have a white dress, you’re in luck! If not, another cute all-white ensemble will totally do. Then, pick some leaves, branches, and flowers from around campus. Pin them to your hair and add some glitter. Big billowing curls, gold jewellery, and a smokey eye add a little *something something* extra, but are not required.

And that’s it! Go dance like it’s 400 B.C.E!

3. Miss Universe

If men are from Mars and women from Venus, then you win it all. Take a cute black dress and some construction paper. Cut out some planets and attach them to the dress. Make a sash and crown. Add red lipstick and sparkles for show. 

Practice your winning smile (and ugly-cry with fanning hand). You’ll be the life of the party. 

4. Rachel Green

The Friends actress just broke the internet by joining Instagram, making it the perfect time to be her popular ’90s character for Halloween. Now, there’s many ways to be Rahcel Green. Her style is iconic. But this is the cheapest/easiest way to pull it off, while impressing all of your friends. 

Wear a black tank top, skirt, and black tights. A plaid skirt works best, but a black or dark one works fine. Pin a white t-shirt to the front of your ensemble, with a belt or sash that ties in the back, making yourself a makeshift apron with a printed out a “Central Perk” logo on top. Then, twist your hair up with a clip, letting a few tendrils fall. So cute! Ross will be on your heels all night.