3 Low-Key Ways to Network

The world of finding a job is constantly changing. The days of walking into the same factory as your father and receiving a living wage with pension included are gone. People are less likely to stay within the same company throughout their career, looking for the best pay and benefits, rather than loyalty. It’s created an environment of “who you know,” which can be very difficult to navigate for those who come from working-class and lower-class families. Networking has become the main tool for finding a job. It’s all about getting your application to the top of the pile. 

It’s a busy to-do: finding mentors, sustaining communication with those in your field, and updating portfolios with every project. So, here are some smaller low-key ways to network while still putting yourself out there.

  1. 1. Use LinkedIn

    a person is seen sitting at a table, from the neck down. they are typing on a laptop and have a mug with tea and a highlighted book open next to them

    It’s like Facebook for professionals. Even in college, you should make a LinkedIn profile. Add a professional picture, a list of job experiences, and a small bio of what you’re looking for. Friend your friends and those from similar careers and job experiences. You can even upload articles and projects you’re proud of. Your opportunities on the site can only multiply.

  2. 2. Name Drop Your College

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    Those who pick a college to attend usually do it for a reason. There are thousands of colleges in the country, never mind the world. Chances are whoever you’re talking to for your interview has been to college. So, if they attend the same one as you, are from the city, or know someone who went to their college, bring it up as easy small-talk, to get the conversation going. It created a bond that they’ll remember when they look at your resume, going “Oh, them!” 

  3. 3. Ask Around

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    Sure, you may not know an important professional in your field personally, but maybe someone you know does. It’s amazing how many people you can meet in a day. Connections are easy to make when you’re not thinking about it. If you mention your goals or profession, odds are you’ll stumble on someone who knows someone. The world is a lot smaller than you think.