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3 Best Ways To Spend Your Halloween

Halloween is around the corner and there’s more to do than just trick or treat. The night is about dressing up and having fun with friends. Below are 3 of the best ways to spend your halloween night!

Scary Movie Marathon

Halloween and scary movies go hand in hand! There’s no better way to spend the spooky evening like getting together with your closest friends and watching your favorite scary movies! Not interested in scary movies?  You can always pick up some Halloween classics as well!Get delivery, grab some popcorn, and pass around the candy corn, it’s the perfect way to enjoy your halloween indoors.

Baking With Friends

Halloween is nothing without its sweet treats! Get together with friends and bake some of your favorite halloween goodies, like ghost sugar cookies or pumpkin cheesecake. It’s a fun way to spend the night if you don’t want to dress up and go out.


Costume Party

If you love dressing up like I do, then this is a perfect option for you. Get some friends together and throw your own costume party. Have everyone come dressed as something different and enjoy some yummy snacks and music. It’ll be the perfect evening!

These are some great ways to spend a fun and safe halloween!


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