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Is 2000’s Fashion About To Make A Comeback?

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Emerson chapter.

Last fall, it was ‘80s animal print, peasant tops and plaid, ‘70s floral and bell bottoms, and even some ‘90s throwbacks like mid-length dresses and jellies. With all the last few decades of trends seemingly exhausted, it seems logical that fashion from the 2000s may be the only trunk of throwbacks with anything left in it. We’ve seen the return of a few already, including monochromatic looks, cargo pants, and baby doll tees. So are we on the verge of a full blown return to the aughts? 

Marie Claire and the fall runway so far say yes. The top ten fall fashion trends written about on Marie Claire’s website include some obvious 2000s nods like one-shoulder tops, moody goth florals, puffer jackets of all kinds, and more leopard print! Although some say low-rise jeans are on the brink of return, I refuse to accept that one on principle. Other trends poised to come back according to Harper’s Bazaar: suits of all kinds and English tweed. These two particular trends aren’t necessarily associated with the 2000s, but Harper’s also noted that the neon train shows no signs of slowing down. Better hop on, I guess. 

While it seems that some trends from the early aughts might be making a reappearance this fall, count on some new trends filtered in as well. It looks like military-inspired fashion has started hitting the runways as well as these looks from Prada and Hermes which feature dark romantic flowers. And Coach says don’t forget how much we used to love silk. Regardless, if you’re into some of the 2000s trends coming back in style there are plenty of places to find them for cheap. Here are a few.   

Hair Clips

Hair clips are a great way to make an already great outfit look even more intentional. Knock out two trends with one buy by coordinating them with your monochromatic looks. 

Cargo Pants

Ever put on a pair of jeans and realize the front and/or back pockets are fake? One of the many flaws in women’s clothing is the lack of functionality, but that’ll never be a problem with cargos. They’re all about the pockets. 

Chunky Sneakers

Platform sneakers and dad tennis shoes are back, so now it’s easier than ever to strut your stuff in comfort. Careful with the Filas though, they lack some crucial ankle support (yes, I’m speaking from experience).  

Baby doll Tees and Tanks

Walk into any Urban Outfitters or Brandy Melville, and it’s basically all you see. Baby doll tank tops and t-shirts lining the walls in every shape, color, and cut. Pair with a daisy-coated knee length skirt and you’ll look like you just walked off the set of Friends. 

Colored Lens Sunglasses 

Fun and colored sunglasses are the new fad when it comes to classing up a going out outfit or adding a pop to an already sunny look. Wear them during the day or wear them at night, they’re a trend for every occasion. You might want to bring an extra pair for people who’re blinded by your chicness.  


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