13 Things to Dip in Nutella

Who needs boys when we have Nutella? Everything we have ever wanted in life comes in the form of this delicious, smooth hazelnut chocolate spread. Take a look below at our favorite things to dip in Nutella. (Because sometimes taking the time to spread Nutella on a piece of toast just takes too long.)
1. Pretzels
Basic but brilliant. 
2. Strawberries
Pretend you're healthy! 
3. Milanos
Or Girl Scout Cookies. Or both. 
4. Graham Crackers
What's a s'more?
5. Bananas
Three cheers for potassium!
6. A spoonful of peanut butter
... helps the medicine go down? 
7. These things
What are they? Dunno, but they taste fabulous. 
8. Bacon
If you have never thought about it then you're a liar. 
9. Nutella
10. Marshmallows
We'd totes play Chubby Bunny with this combo. 
11. Nilla Wafers
Watch out, Grandma's got a new favorite snack!
12. French Toast Sticks
Au revoir, syrup! 
13. Yourself
Nutella baths are what dreams are made of. 
What are your favorite things to eat with Nutella? Let us know in the comments below or by tweeting us at @HCEmerson