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10 Signs that You and Your Roommate are Basically an Old Married Couple

Not everyone forms a close bond with their roommate, but some people are lucky enough to find an amazing friend. However, you may soon find yourself acting like you’ve been living together for 20+ years, rather than a few semesters. Here are some signs that you and your roommate are basically an old married couple.

1. You always get dinner together and you grab two of every dessert so your roomie doesn’t miss out.

2. You have a guaranteed plus-one everywhere you go.

3. You enjoy each other’s company even when you’re not talking, just being together in the same space.

4. You have random hug seshes.


5. When you’re trying on clothes, your roomie’s opinion is required.

6. You have nervous breakdowns together.

7. You give each other a mutually understood look whenever someone does something annoying.

8. You nag them about wearing weather-appropriate clothing.

9. You keep writing articles about each other.

10. You have ALL the inside jokes.


Abby McAuliffe is a junior Writing, Literature, and Publishing major. In the future, she hopes to become an editor and science fiction author.
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