10 Celebrities Frozen in Time

Celebrities. We know they have a glam squad and a stylist. We know they have tons of bank to pay for high quality facial treatments and products. We also know that they can be fabulous and influential. The thing is, sometimes the qualities they have come from genetics. Goooood genes baby. We know who has them, and those good genes stay with them all their lives...duh! Does it ever blow your mind when you realize a celeb is a lot older than you thought? They seem to have been frozen in time? Yeah, I do that a lot. Recently I've noticed about TEN celebs that have just blown my mind with how ageless they are. Check them out. 

1. Queen B, 37


                                                 2008                                                                 2018

Who else could I have started with but the queen herself? I mean, just look at her. Prepare to be even more amazed if you weren't aware that she’s had three kids since 2008.

2. Alicia Silverstone, 42

                                                 2008                                                                       2018

I’m certainly clueless as to how she looks so amazing.

3. Jeff Goldblum, 65                                                  2008                                                                          2018

Okay, there’s some salt and pepper happening. But seriously, the man’s almost seventy and looking very fine.

4. Jennifer Lopez, 49

                                                 2008                                                                        2018

Did anyone expect her not to look like a goddess for her entire life?

5. Will Smith, 50

                                                 2008                                                                            2018

Watch any movie with him in it and be wowed by the fact that he always looks the same. Smokin' hot. 

6. Gwen Stafani, 49

                                                 2008                                                                       2018

Looking as fine as she did when Hollaback Girl was released in 2004.

7. Halle berry, 52

                                                 2008                                                                           2018  

She won the title as the sexiest woman alive in 2008. Clearly, we can see why.

8. Julia Stiles, 37

                                                   2008                                                                             2018

I will forever be jealous of her even being in the same room as Heath Ledger. Swoon.

9. Rachel Mcadams, 40

                                                   2008                                                                            2018

She’s in here because, one, she seriously looks amazing– she could do “The Notebook” all over again and you wouldn't see a worry line on her perfectly proportioned face, and two, I’m super biased because I think she’s such a fabulous actor.

10. Salma Hayek, 52

                                                   2008                                                                          2018

She will just never not be beautiful.