Why I Love to Gobble 'Til I Wobble: Things I Love About Thanksgiving


Why I Love To Gobble Till I Wobble: things I love about Thanksgiving

No one can deny that when Thanksgiving rolls around, there are screams of joy. Specifically in college, this break could not come soon enough. The stress of submitting four papers due the day before you fly out of whatever middle-of-nowhere state you attend school in, is about the breaking point for most students. That being said, these are a few things I love about the holiday:


1) The Food


People rave about the food on Thanksgiving. But the truth is, it can go either so right or SO wrong. The turkey could be dry, the stuffing could be crumbly, and the pies can be burnt. How does one masterly execute cooking a turkey? Take out your baster and apply that juice! Nonetheless, the food is what joins extended family together at the table. After you “say grace” or give thanks in any traditional way, nothing is standing in between you and that sweet potato artfully covered in butter. The leftovers are a completely different story. My mother would stress on and on about making sure the food has vanished before the tupperware containers came out of the drawer. However every year, there is our kitchen counter - covered with tupperwares of god knows what. My father, brothers, and grandpa always enjoyed this benefit the next day come lunch time. Personally, I always thought the food tasted better the next day anyway.


2) Football Games


Specifically where I live, there is a high school football game versus our rival town. The annual event is called The Turkey Bowl and the t-shirts created each year scream for your Dad’s wallet to purchase for the entire family (grandparents and cousins included). Pretending to know what is happening during a game while slightly dozing off is my favorite activity during Thanksgiving. Football games scream Thanksgiving in the essence that they typically air all day and can be enjoyed while eating leftovers from the dining table.


3) The Season


We all know white girls love fall. Even though this is one hundred percent true, there are plenty of other people in this world that always embrace the season. Those include, my dog. My dog loves to frolic in the leaves that sometimes can be prone to ticks. The semi-warm temperature outside makes for outside football or kickball games inevitable in the backyard. There is no denying that whenever this time of year comes around, the family is outside enjoying the warm sun with slight crisp breeze.


4) The Tradition


Much like any holidays, the tradition of Thanksgiving completely left the actual celebration. This all started in 1621 when our great friends (the colonists) from Plymouth, Massachusetts decided to gather ‘round and have a harvest. This harvest is about as harmless as our normal family dinners. Yet, we do not even think about our lovely colonists when we slice open our turkeys. Let us thank these colonists as we slave over the ovens checking on our pies. Thank you dear Plymouth colonists.


5) The Family


Families travel from across the states in order to have a simple dinner with relatives they do not normally come into contact with. Why is this part of the tradition? In no history textbook does it say that families are necessary in order to have Thanksgiving. This is the main aspect that I love about Thanksgiving. There is nothing more to be grateful for than a full table at Thanksgiving. Before your grandparents grill you about your future career and how you are doing at school, take a deep breath and embrace the holiday like a turkey spreads its wings.