Why Everyone is Talking About Netflix Hit, ‘You’


Ok, so unless you’re living under a rock you’ve probably heard about the television show, ‘You.’ It seems like everyone’s best friend, sister, and mom are talking about the Netflix series that closely follows Joe Goldberg and his creepy obsession with Guinevere Beck. Most people recognize Joe, or Penn Badgley, from his time as Dan Humphrey on the hit CW show, ‘Gossip Girl.’ As Dan Humphrey, Penn portrays the outsider amongst his upper east side peers. This loner characteristic is carried throughout ‘You’ as well, and is one that viewers are already used to associating with Penn. 

What many viewers may not know, however, is that this show first appeared on the Lifetime network in September 2018 before coming to Netflix. That was actually when I first became interested in the show and was utterly terrified by the whole thing. Honestly, I think what makes this ‘Criminal Minds’ style series so engaging is that it could actually happen. Maybe not on the intense scale that viewers see it on, but the idea that a guy you’re dating could actually be way different from who he presents himself as, is completely real. 

The series starts with a haunting voice over from Joe Goldberg, revealed to be an employee at a bookstore, as he sets his sights on Beck, who is casually skimming through aisles of books. He instantly picks on her femininity, assuming that she’s both aware of his presence and attempting to flirt with him when in reality this is a storyline that only he chooses to create. The show creates an interesting parallel, for Joe works in a bookstore and also makes storybook interpretations of his everyday life. This could be because he lacks the excitement that he really wants, or maybe that he just enjoys the version of himself that he molds. Regardless, his elaborate ideas take him through impulsive twists throughout the series. 

So, what’s the big deal about this show?

Well, aside from the mystery that is Joe Goldberg, his obsession with Guinevere is one that is especially engaging for viewers. He puts on this facade of being the guy who always says the right things, when his actions are all wrong. Without giving too much away for those who haven’t but should check out this show, Joe goes to extreme lengths to make Beck believe that he should be trusted. 

Honestly, how many times have you been tricked into thinking that a guy is absolutely perfect? That concern is just what makes this series such a popular one at the moment. So, if you haven’t gotten into it yet, then run to your Netflix, have a mini viewing party with some friends, and start watching the show that everyone can’t stop talking about! 


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