Who Knows

I have no idea what I'm doing.

With this blog post, with college, with, well, life in general. Yet, here I am, writing sentences that make some sort of sense, sitting in my tornado-of-clothes-all-over-the-floor dorm room, and still breathing. Crazy huh? You don’t need to understand much to do it or to be it.

You can be a writer without knowing what you want to write. You can be a college student without knowing what you want to major in. You can be helpful person without knowing how to help. You can be a pilot without knowing how to fly a plane.

(Don’t take that last one seriously. I promise none of you will be very happy if you attempt flying without knowing what you are doing. But, that’s beside the point.)

Sometimes the best way to learn is to dive head first into it, especially if that thing you want to learn is swimming. The only way to get better at something you don’t know is to try.

In fact, I have a secret. Come closer… closer…okay now you’re too close, there is no way you could read the screen with your eyes crossed like that.  Anywho, back to my secret.

Spoiler Alert: NO ONE knew what they are doing when they started.

Not you, not me, not anyone. Whether that was a one-time ‘wow this math problem is really hard’ or an endless ‘what is life’ struggle is up to you.

How did you learn how to walk? You fell over again and again until each fall was spaced out by a few steps, then more than a few steps, then a good number of steps, and so on.

How did you learn what you like to do? You tried new things. Maybe you hated dancing, but you loved the music. You tried choir. Maybe you hated to draw, but you loved the way a pencil felt in your hands. You tried writing.

It is all a process. Sometimes you fail. Okay, let’s face it, most times you fail. But every time you try, you learn something about yourself, the people around you, or the world. Whether you fail or succeed shouldn’t matter.

So, why not have fun with it? Why not live life for every second you have? Why not treasure each breath you take? Why not do the spontaneous twice before morning and the unexpected once before nightfall? As to quote the good ole’ Hillary Duff, “Why not take a crazy chance?”

Life is a gift, but only certain people take that fact seriously. Even when its hard, even when you have no idea what you are doing, even when it is obnoxiously late at night and your motivation is about as high as the miniscule number of questions you’ve answered, life is a gift.

After all, no one knows what they are doing, but isn’t there a certain joy, excitement, and learning exhilaration from embracing the unknown?