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What Makes for The Best Big Little Surprise?

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Elon chapter.

As anyone with access to social media this past weekend would know, it is big little season. Big little is an age-old tradition, carried out slightly differently by each sorority. In general, the concept of adopting someone into your Greek family is exciting, but the lead up to the actual induction is almost better than the real thing. Zeta Tau Alpha sisters prepared for the introduction of their new family members by showering them with goodies and surprises over this past weekend, all while trying to remain anonymous.

So, what makes for the best big little surprise?

1. The Perfect Themes

(Bed by Emma Kanell)

In recent years, sorority sisters have adopted the trend of arranging each day of surprises by theme. This year, the most common themes were pink, usually involving something to do with “bouji” or princess, blue or more specifically “beach”, and the classic “all gold everything.”


2. Apparel, quality over quantity

(Bed by Seeley Carolyn)

Apparel is oh, so important. After becoming part of a sisterhood, new members want nothing more than to show off their Greek letters. Big little is a time where new members acquire most of the sorority apparel that they will proudly sport around campus. When picking out what to give to your future little, make sure you supply her with a variety of sweatshirts, tank tops, and t-shirts.


3. Etsy-esk Canvases

(Canvas by Wesley Hamed)

Painting canvases for new members to hang on their walls is a universal tradition across sororities at Elon. For ideas on creative (and easy) paintings, Pinterest is the place to look!


4. FOOD – the perfect ratio of salty and sweet

(Bed by Bridget McMahon)

When it comes to food, make sure to do your secret work as a big in order to find out all of your little’s favorites. This will make them feel like you really know them and care about what they like. And most importantly, balance out that salty and sweet ratio!


5. Knick-Knacks

(Bed by Michelle Pecoraro)

The less important, but still essential, knick-knacks. This category can refer to almost anything under the sun. Usually, bigs include items like picture frames, candles, mason jars or flowers to enhance their displays.


6. Including personality or personal touches

(Bed by Wesley Hamed)

Above all, make sure to add your own personal touch or personality into your displays. Not only does this leave small hints for your little to try and guess who you are, but it makes each day’s surprise all the more meaningful. There are simple ways to do this such as writing little notes, including inside jokes, painting things that are specific to your little, or including funny pictures of your little within the display.