Traits of Your Astrology Sign

“About astrology and palmistry: they are good because they make people vivid and full of possibilities. They are communism at its best. Everybody has a birthday and almost everybody has a palm.” -Kurt Vonnegut


There are two kinds of people, those that believe in horoscopes and those that do not. One thing is for certain though, astrology signs almost always describe a person’s personality accurately. Here is a simple explanation of zodiac signs that describe a person’s key traits:



This sign is predominately known for being independent. Aries are typically trustworthy friends and lead in a similar way. Some weaknesses of Aries are that they can be short tempered and when confronted, will respond in childish manners.



Taurus are known for being those that follow the leader until they have strengthened their character. Since Taurus are known for their stubborn tactics and beliefs, they have no problem in being alone or persevering in their own ways. On the bright side, Taurus are notorious for being loyal and dependable.



Paving their own ways, Gemini are not known for following the patterns of their friends. Gemini are extremely sociable and despite loving conversation, are recognized for needing their alone time. Gemini’s are extremely independent and pride themselves on freedom for their mental well being.



Cancer’s are more mixed in the sense that they are either independent or dependent. In this sign, you will find people more likely to have different sides ranging from perseverance, emotional, or supportive. However, a Cancer is very reliable and loyal to those that appreciate them.



Leo’s are needy in the sense that they want an audience around them at all times, despite their ability to be alone. Those that are Leos are well balanced and distribute their energies in all levels. In an important way, Leos are extremely forgiving and see the good in those that are sorry.



Alongside with the positive traits of Virgos, this sign is also known for being cold, fussy, and skeptical. Virgos are set in their ways and particular about what is organized about their lives. Everything is kept inside a Virgo and in this sense, people may have a difficult time at first connecting with them. When being a friend with a Virgo, you can expect straight thinking and no “dilly-daddling.”


The Libra sign is known for being focused on partnerships and familiarity with people. Libras are spontaneous in the sense that they make friends from all walks of life and are always up to something new and exciting. This sign overall dislikes hard work and therefore have the potential to be a strong leader but in their diplomatic ways.



Scorpios are extremely independent and do not give up in their own perseverance of situations. This sign is not as social as others and therefore only enjoy their lives when they are in control. In this way, Scorpios enjoy professions like being a doctor, surgeon, or scientist.



Adventure and excitement are a Sagittarius’s key beliefs! Their kind heart is set on making those close to them happy. A Sagittarius is mainly always running late and missing important deadlines. Once this is accepted, having a Sagittarius in your life will be more positive than negative.



Capricorns are extremely sympathetic and caring to those they interact with. Their personality leans toward leadership and achievement, making them a very focused sign. With their time management skills, Capricorns are creative -- but not in the artistic eye.



People will laugh around an Aquarius to no end, due to the essential need of the sign to please others. Their lives need to be felt useful and an Aquarius is reliant on being stubborn and set in their decisions. The sign is always full of excitement and characteristics that interest others.



Pisces are dependent on having a dominant role model in their lives. This sign is reliant on their friends and if their loved ones are having problems, a Pisces will spin that problem into their own. In this way, Pisces need others to be grounded due to their oversensitivity. From a positive look, Pisces are extremely compassionate and supportive.