Tips to Avoid the Monday Slump

MONDAYS. Basically, they suck. Why is Monday so far from Friday, but Friday so close to Monday? I’m sure I’m not the only one when I say that I tend to suffer from Monday Blues, especially when all I want is 5 more minutes in bed. If you’re looking for some tips to brighten up your Monday and avoid that Monday slump, read a few of the tips that Her Campus has to offer:



1) Make yourself an exciting breakfast - whether that’s some sunny-side-up eggs or a big stack of double-chocolate chip pancakes, a breakfast you look forward to is sure to make getting out of bed a little more bearable. 

2) Listen to some of your favorite songs while getting ready for class and on your way to class. A solid Monday morning playlist will definitely lift your spirits as you prepare to face the day. 

3) Take into consideration that, although it is Monday, it is the start of a new week – a chance to reprioritize, regroup, and get yourself organized. There’s so many opportunities waiting just around the corner for you, especially here on Elon’s campus! 

4) Follow a motivational account on Instagram – there’s an endless number of accounts and #hashtags to choose from, so getting that extra boost of confidence and determination won’t be a problem. Here are a few suggestions:






5) If all else fails and none of those tips are doing it for you, take a moment and appreciate the fact that beautiful men like the ones below exist. That is all.



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