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Summer Internship Advice: The 3 Ps

Summer Internship Advice: The 3 Ps


We all know that anxious feeling of securing an internship. Summer is just two months away, hundreds of emails have already been sent out, and only a few companies have replied. The stress is starting to build up, but it’s crucial to relax, and keep in mind the following tips:


  1. Patience:

It’s important to understand the hectic schedule a company lives by each day. If you do not receive an email response right way, that does not necessarily mean a company is not interested in you – they may have not reviewed the email just yet. Some companies tend to send follow up emails closer to the preferred internship start date. Be mindful that an email back is still possible, and most important of all, do not lose hope.


2. Persistence:

Show that you are far more interested than other applicants. If a company has not responded in a while, be proactive and send another email. To be safe and retain more options, also be sure to connect with a large variety of companies, rather than just one. If you have connections, use them! Determination is key to landing a killer internship.


3. Positivity:

The most important factor in the internship process is to be optimistic. Dwelling on a lousy interview, moping because you did not hear back, or even getting declined from a company, will only make the process harder. Rejection is a part of life; it will always occur. The only way to move past it is to keep a positive attitude. Move forward, be confident, put yourself out there, and prove you are the ideal candidate!




~ Just breathe. Do not let this process overwhelm you. Finding an internship is a step every successful individual must take. Tell yourself you can do it, and you most definitely will find a way. ~




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