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Step Outside the Bubble

New experiences are waiting around every corner in college. Going outside your comfort zone and stepping away from what you know can lead to some of the most memorable and awesome experiences in life. This past weekend, I was able to do two things that i NEVER thought I would be doing, and it expanded my horizons greatly!
Last Friday, I had the chance to go to a metal concert. Now I have listened to some metal music before, and to be honest; it was never completely my cup of tea. Needless to say, I was very surprised by my reaction to the

concert: I LOVED IT! I was one of maybe 6 girls in a group of about 40, and I still had a blast! The music was loud and though at times it became a tad intense, it was genuinely fun! Being a big music fan, I can appreciate when people have talent, and the guys of the band Wake Leviathan definitely do! (Not to mention they have a fantastic name) I also wound up running into friends I didn't expect to see there, and it made me realize that you never really know what can interest you until you try it out! I will definitely be going back for another of their concerts!

Saturday, I also had another awesome experience. It was my friend's birthday party, and he invited a friend and I to go with him to a gay bar. Now, I am involved in the LGBT community as a straight ally, but I have never had this particular experience before. I have had friends who have been and had mixed reviews, and since the odds
of me being one of 10 straight people in the building, I knew I was in for something different. The verdict at the end of the night? I loved every minute! It was easy to be myself without having to pretend that I was something I was not, and the fact that everyone was chatting or dancing was awesome! There wasn't a pressure to dance a certain way, or any reason to be self-conscious all the time. I met a bunch of really great people that night, and I am looking forward to the next time we all go out together!
These experiences taught me something very important about college: You really never know what each day will bring. A week before, I had no idea I would be having such an eventful weekend!  The fact that I was willing to step outside of what I knew and the experiences I have had so far at college is what brought me into these new worlds. And that, dear collegiates, is the moral of this story.

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