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Spring into Shape

What! Is it Spring Break already? But I am not in shape yet! If you are one of the girls saying this to yourself then keep reading!

Spring Break is one of the times that you want to make sure you are in the best shape because obviously boys, beaches, and bikinis. It is obvious that girls start to eat healthier and work out more when Spring Break is approaching. So if you are one of those girls I am here to help you!

First thing is first: your eating habits. Food is one thing that you can put a control on if you are a girl in college, especially if you are living off campus, and even if you are living on campus Elon now has healthy options, so hit those up! Start eating more vegetables and instead of deciding that you want ice cream and cookies at 12 a.m. go for the fruit or fill yourself up with water instead, trust me it will be worth it in the end.

Another thing you can do is focus on eating smaller amounts more often throughout the day so that your metabolism is always running and thus burning more calories. And lastly make sure you are hydrating! Drink a lot of fluids because the more hydrated you stay the better of your skin will glow!

That brings me to my next point. You want your skin to glow in that sunshine? Well then as I said previously, drink lots of fluid and keep your skin moisturized and hydrated. Maybe even give yourself an at home facial. All of the tips and tricks for a fabulous spring break body can be found all over. It is the hot topic now that Spring is coming in hot.

Lastly, we all know ladies love to strut around the gym (once they have the bodies they want of course!), so when your working on your fitness, make sure to try some of these workouts. Visit these websites like Women’s Health and SELF for good body workout videos and tips:

So ladies that’s all I have for you but I bet if you do the things I have told you, you will be the beach babe you always wanted to be!

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