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This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Elon chapter.

Olivia Sobel is a sophomore at Elon University and is a member of Autism Speaks. She has worked so hard in devoting her time to this organization and has grown a passion for this club. Here is an inside look into Olivia’s involvement with this incredible organization.


Q: What is your position for autism speaks?

A: Last year, I served as the Vice President of Administration and this semester, I have taken on the role of Vice President of Community Outreach.


Q: What the job of your position?

A: I manage relationships between executive members and the general body members, along with the community. I send out emails to local schools and am in two Facebook groups where I post regularly for all of the events.


Q: What made you decide to join Autism Speaks?

A: Last year, I wanted something associated with kids and special education. Once I started going to Autism Speaks, I loved the events they held and the goals and morals that the club embodied.


Q: Is this something you have always been involved in prior to college?

A: In high school, I always did service but it was never centered around kids with autism until I got to college.


Q: Do you see yourself continuing this after college?

A: Regardless of if I belong to it as an organization, the values and morals of this organization I will always carry with me for the rest of my life. I will always advocate for people with autism.


Q: What does Autism Speaks do on Elon’s campus?

A: They hold monthly events that are social events with older college students. Kids with autism are able to socialize with the older students. Our biggest event is Rock The Bricks, which is a fundraising event held once a year where children come to campus to participate with Elon students. We have a donut eating contest, snow cones, a bake sale and other ways to fundraise and advocate for people with autism.


Q: What has been your favorite part about being part of this club?

A: All of the small monthly events are my favorite events and the most rewarding thing I’ve done is that I worked closely with a lady who has a son with autism. Interacting with her son and seeing what children with autism in the area need has been so rewarding. Small things go a long way and seeing our events benefit these kids is so amazing.

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