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This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Elon chapter.

As summer is drawing near, it is time to start thinking about what show to binge-watch next. If you’re anything like me, you probably binged most of the show’s on your list during quarantine, but don’t worry there are more to watch and we got you covered! Here are some of my favorite shows that I think you should binge-watch asap. 


1. Drama- Private Practice 


Private Practice is the Grey’s Anatomy spin-off. It takes place in a private practice (hence the name) where they offer many different things. They have a psychiatrist, a pediatrician, an internal medicine doctor, an alternative medicine doctor, and a fertility specialist. It has the drama and relationships that Grey’s has but with a lot less intense surgeries shown. Throughout watching the show, I get more emotionally connected to their patients than you do with Grey’s Anatomy characters. 


2. Reality show- Real Housewives of New York


Real Housewives of New York is available on Hulu, Peacock, or Bravo. Okay, so I was never a big reality show girl when I was younger. I didn’t watch anything even remotely related to reality shows because I couldn’t relate, but the Real Housewives of New York is very funny and relatable. During quarantine, I decided to watch the Real Housewives and it was life-changing. Watching it during the pandemic was a great way to take my mind off of everything and get invested in the drama of these women. It is one of the best franchises to start with if you’re just getting into the Real Housewives. Between ridiculous fights, lavish vacations, and amazing yet odd fashion, this show will keep you invested. 


3. Competition show- The Circle


The Circle on Netflix is a reality-based competition show that focuses on social media. Players enter the Circle either as a catfish or themselves and they only communicate through this social media thing. They play games, get shady and at the end, someone wins $100,000. It is such an interesting show. You get to see how social media can really change our perspective on people and who ultimately “wins” it. I also personally get way to invested in certain players. The second season recently came out, and there are also versions from different countries like France and Brazil. But I definitely suggest watching it. 


4. Comedy- The Nanny


The Nanny on HBO Max is about a Jewish New York woman who ends up jobless then somehow lands a job as the nanny for a rich, British Broadway producer. The show is one of the most feel-good shows I’ve ever seen. The theme song is an absolute bop. It’s funny, relatable and just heart-warming. If I’m in a bad mood, I know I can watch an episode of this and feel better. I am also so glad it is finally on a streaming service so you should definitely watch The Nanny. 


5. Dramedy- Parenthood


Dramedy is the perfect combination of drama and comedy to none other than Parenthood on Netflix. Parenthood is kind of like the dramedy version of Modern Family. It has its super feel-good moments, but it also has some extremely sad moments. The cast is amazing with people like Dax Shepard, Lauren Graham, Peter Krause, Mae Whitman and so many more. It’s so fun to watch the kids on the show grow up and go through these major events. The show also has some pretty great guest stars (hello Michael B. Jordan). Parenthood is one of those shows that as soon as you finish watching, you kind of just want to watch it again. You should definitely watch Parenthood this summer. 


6. Musical- Crazy Ex-Girlfriend


Crazy Ex-Girlfriend on Netflix is a musical dramedy following a woman on her journey to be happy. The songs are all original from the crew and they are honestly really catchy and I have a playlist of all of them. The show also covers some really difficult subjects in such an amazing way like mental health issues. The show knows when to be funny, but they know when to be serious. The characters are also so much fun to watch, even though they can be ridiculous. Plus, they also have some pretty amazing guest stars, especially for Broadway fans (hello Ms. Patti LuPone). 


Hey! I'm Abby. I am a first-year at Elon University. I am majoring in journalism and communication design with a minor in political science.