The Perfect Bachelor Viewing Party

This season of The Bachelor is by far the most dramatic yet (cue Chris Harrison). But seriously, Colton’s season of The Bachelor is a must watch. And… the best way to watch it is laughing at the drama alongside all your girlfriends! Here are some tips on how to create the perfect Bachelor Viewing Party.


Make some homemade goodies but add a slight Bachelor twist to them. For example, pizza in the shape of hearts or cookies in the shape of roses, or if you’re really looking for a challenge, tuxedo strawberries. Be creative!



The decorations don’t need to be over the top, adding some small accessories are perfect. Some suggestions are roses and funny signs. You can easily DIY some signs with cliche bachelor quotes like, “I’m here for the right reasons,” “this is the final rose,” or “this is the most dramatic rose ceremony ever.”



Of course actually watching The Bachelor may be entertainment enough, but add some more fun to your party with games like Bachelor Bingo! There are tons of game ideas on Pinterest to choose from.


Your girlfriends

The most important part of any Bachelor party! There’s nothing better than eating snacks, playing games, and making fun of dramatic girls alongside your besties. The more the merrier!