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An Open Letter To My Roommate As We Start Our Last Year Together


I can’t believe that only two short years ago we met at Outback and sat through a painfully awkward dinner, during which our parents talked more than we did. You thought I was a super basic cheerleader from New Jersey and I thought you were a too-cool-for-school kind of girl that I would not click with. To some degree, our time together has taught us that those stereotypes can be true at times (I’ll be the first to admit I’m a little basic). But what we didn’t realize that night was that our different personalities were going to make for an amazing friendship.


It took us some time to adjust, but by the end of September we were already close. Whether it was going to Lakeside for dinner, binge watching Gossip Girl, going to Varsity every Saturday for lunch, or staying up so late that our mutual weirdness came out, our experiences brought us closer to the point where I could call you my best friend. And who would have thought we would have so much in common?


The amount of memories created in our room in Virginia is too much to list but I have always and will always cherish them. 


By the time sophomore year rolled around, we were practically inseparable. I actually don’t know how we survived a whole summer apart. While our beds weren’t six feet away from each other anymore, we stayed together in our new apartment. Again, there are too many memories.


I don’t quite know which scared me more: learning that you would be graduating a year early or learning that I would be too. It was exciting and made us proud and we planned on living together anyways…and then reality set in. My three year plan turned into three and a half and your early graduation lead to more graduate school.


Now here we stand at the start of our last year together, a little excited, a little scared, and a lot of unsure. 


So this letter is to thank you.


Thank you for accepting all my weird habits and sharing yours with me. Thank you for always being down to binge watching Netflix with me– whether it was Gossip Girl,Friday Night Lights, or Grey’s. Thank you for not judging me when I eat cold pizza in my bed at 11:30 on a Wednesday night.


Thank you for accepting me into your family. Thank you for teaching me new things. Thank you for forcing me to go out every once in a while or for making me go to the gym, even when I really shouldn’t (you know what I mean). Thank you for all the birthday/ Valentines’s Day/ random holiday cards that brought me to tears.


Thank you for giving me enough memories that I am crying as I write this.


There is a reason everyone asks what I will do without you after you leave and this is it: I can’t imagine getting through the day without all the help and love you give me.


Thank you for all of it.


We’ve had an incredible journey so far and I can’t wait to start our last year together and make even more memories that I can hold on to.


Love you more than chocolate, always. #300BC



Just a small town girl, living in the Elon bubble. Lattes, books, and Netflix are my thing.
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